Who we are

Located in Santa Cruz, California and founded by Sean Venus, Venus Spirits is currently producing organic small-batch whiskey, gin, aquavit and blue agave spirits. For Sean, opening a craft distillery on the West Coast is a blending of entrepreneurial spirit and a love of whiskey, in the hopes of establishing Santa Cruz as a destination for the highest quality handcrafted spirits.  



Venus spirits

Gin 01 – gin 02 – Aquavit

Botanicals made of beauty: We take the freshest herbs, botanicals, and fruits and infuse neutral spirits made from 100% organic wheat. Each unique botanical blend is marked on the bottle and given a specific blend number.

El Ladrón

blanco – reposado – añejo

A small batch of organic agave from the Jalisco Highlands. A maker of spirits in the ocean air. A diligent process of fermentation. One Alembic still. Double distillation. Integrity. Time. Maturity. The risks of the unknown. The rewards of promise.

Wayward Whiskey

bourbon – rye – single malt

Wayward Whiskey is bold and unruly.  These aggressively aged whiskies are surprisingly smooth and flavorful.  Crafted by hand in our 10 bbl brewhouse, double distilled, and then barrel aged in our ocean air tempered rickhouse in American charred oak barrels.



Our distillation takes place in hand-pounded copper Alembic stills imported from Spain.  Each dimple hammered into the copper creates a location for the vapor to collect and drip back into the pot in a unique way, creating characteristics in the distillate that are unique to each still.