Every spirit we make is distilled with one of our two hand-pounded copper Alembic stills imported from Spain. Each dimple hammered into the copper creates a location for the distillate to collect and drip back into the pot in a unique way, creating characteristics in the distillate that are unique to each still. Our stills produce a full bodied spirit that is both fragrant and sweet.



Sean Venus stirring grain in the mash tun.

Our 10 bbl brewhouse is made up of a kettle, mash tun, hot water tank and two fermenters.  When making Wayward Whiskey wash, the grain is crushed in a roller mill and augered to either the kettle or mash tun.  The grain is then separated from the sweet liquid, and the liquid is pumped into a fermentation tank, pitched with yeast and left to ferment for 5-7 days.  The fermentation tanks are also used when making El Ladrón Blue Agave Spirit, when yeast is added to the agave juice and left to ferment for up to 15 days.



Venus Spirits barrels

Wayward Whiskey and El Ladrón Blue Agave are aged in either 10, 30 or 53 gallon New American Oak Barrels, char 3. Venus Spirits Gin Blend No. 02 is rested in 53 gallon barrels only. Distillate that is stored in the smaller barrels will be fully aged in around six months due to the high surface area to distillate ratio, while most of the large barrels will be stored for at least two years before the spirit inside is ready for bottling.